787 Windsor holds 3.5 acres of land across two properties located on opposite sides of the street. In addition to our interiors, we have over 50,000 sqft of parking and limited access to bathrooms and electric service.







We offer full production services to events ranging from 50-5,000 people at our site including, audio/visual production, programming, environmental design, security, hospitality, stage management, insurance,  and more. 









Encompassing a collective 11,500 square feet of open area (not including our studios), most consider this our main space. While it's not our largest room, it is the tallest at 30' 9" to the ceiling. Access to this space is via two man doors, a 12' roll-up along our alleyway and also includes a balcony which overlooks Windsor and Love streets. The interior and exterior are adorned with murals by renowned street artists and local writers alike.

Outdoor alleyway

Our graffiti alley extends along the length of Building 2 and our Gallery space from the bay of Building 3. It measures 106' x 19' with some extra space on each end. It's lit from above by antique x-mas bulbs. 


Open air gallery

The "gallery" holds about 4,800 square feet of unobstructed space, reaching 21 feet at its highest point. This room is partially open to the air along our alleyway and shares its opposite wall with the iconic artist Lonnie Holley's studio. 


780 Windsor St.

This warehouse is a 15,800 sqft blank canvas. The ceilings pitch from 13' 6" to 16' 9" down the center. There are three load-height 20' x 12' loading bays, one ground-level 10.5' x 12', and two additional access points. Approximately 2,300 people have been accommodated in this room. Its attached parking lot has been activated for parking, production, and pedestrian experience as well. 


We currently have 7 studios for rent ranging from 200 sq ft to 2000 sq ft with potential to construct 20 more. Please let us know if you're interested!


site by wiill cash / kawan moore